Our landscaping services in Ashburton and rural surrounds

Trust the gardening professionals!

A1 Lawns & Gardens Ltd has the know-how and the tools to get the best results every time. We don't cut corners - just grass.

You can trust us to provide reliable, professional landscaping services in Ashburton at an affordable price.

Increase your leisure time instantly

Man with mower providing landscaping services in Christchurch

There's no getting around it, jobs like mowing the lawn and garden maintenance simply need to be done.

Obviously there are times when you don't want to spend your free time trundling around pushing a mower or weeding the garden and working. So leave it to us.

We'll make sure your garden is kept at its very best so that you can get on with enjoying your free time.

Got someone to take care of the rental?

Modern lawnmower as part of our landscaping services in Christchurch

It can be a hassle to make the trip over to the rental property to mow the lawns. Instead of having to make the effort, why not simply hire our on-call professionals?

A1 Lawns & Gardens Ltd offer landscaping services for the entire Ashburton area.

We can save you time and energy, and leave only a tidy, clean job behind us when we go.

Is the grass really always greener?

One of our landscaping services in Christchurch

In our time, we've seen and cut a lot of grass. One thing we can tell you is that no matter how green it gets, grass needs to be kept in check if you want it to look good. It's not always the case of the grass being greener, but better maintained and looked after. That's where A1 Lawns & Gardens Ltd come in whether it be your small section in town, commercial property or rural farm worker's houses, our team of gardening specialists offer the best landscaping services in Ashburton at fantastic rates. A1 Lawns & Gardens Ltd are the only ones you want to have cutting your grass!